New Perk for Guest Bloggers on HPL

Here at Her Packing List, I take each and every contribution seriously.

I know that as a guest blogger myself, it takes time… and it takes some of your precious content, to put together a post for another website.

I never, ever want any guest blogger to feel like they aren’t fully appreciated, which is why I’ve been racking my brain to think of fun and creative ways to reward those that help build this awesome resource for female travelers!

The first perk in line is featured in the sidebar under the “Posts from HPL Community” section. Every person that guest posts will have their personal blog added to this list. The widget will then rotate 10 bloggers’ most recent posts at random. Very cool, hey?!

Heather has also put forward a few good ideas that I will work on instituting once I get back from my big trip to Kyrgyzstan at the end of November.

Things are looking bright, ladies!

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