• "I've completely changed my approach to packing when I travel because of your AWESOME site."

    —Tatiana Warkentin

  • "I'm in the process of planning a move to Europe and your site has been immensely helpful! You are awesome!"

    —Adventurous Andrea

  • "Your website provided me with some very useful tips and a lot of food for thought. Thank you for helping me make my trip the best it can be."

    —Sherri Lee O'Brien

  • "The product reviews have been a godsend while navigating all the bags, balms and accessories marketed toward traveling gals!"

    —Emily Lessnau, Neko in Nippon

  • "I primarily travel overseas for work and HPL has provided multiple tips on how to pack less and still look professional."


  • "We had room in our suitcases for more souvenirs since we didn't overpack. I will be using you for our future adventures! Thank you HPL!"

    —Jayme Rosales-Speck

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